Sportex Cooperates with MCSO Investigation

At approximately 12:30pm today, our manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona was served a search warrant by the Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office (MCSO) who arrested twenty-three workers on identity theft charges, and four workers on outstanding warrants.  Local News reports have mislabeled the search as “a company accused of hiring workers illegally”.  Sportex Apparel follows the law in regards to its hiring practices, and every employee is E-Verified prior to their employment.

Prior to exiting some four hours later, the MCSO stated that the ownership and management of Sportex Apparel was found to be fully cooperative with the MCSO during their search of the facility, and stated that at this time the investigation is of an individual basis, and the company records reviewed were found to be in compliance with appropriate hiring practices, and that the company is not under any current investigation based on their hiring practices, stressing that this was an investigation involving individual identity theft.

The ownership and management will continue to provide whatever assistance the MCSO asks of them, but at this time have been advised that pending further investigation, their involvement in the matters regarding the twenty-seven arrests made today for identity theft and the outstanding warrants has ended.

On a personal note, we all are deeply saddened by the events today, and vow to become a better company for it, keeping the Sportex Brand Made in the USA, and proud of that fact.  Sportex Apparel will continue its normal operations, and any questions regarding this matter can be directed to ownership.

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