Sportex Barbecue

With the beautiful temperatures that we’ve had lately can you blame us for doing another barbecue already?  There’s nothing like Fish taco’s & fresh Ceviche on a warm day with a cool breeze.  Thanks to Larry and Estella for their recipes and everyone that helped out in the kitchen with all the prep work.  Of course the delivery drivers couldnt help but join in on a free, delicious meal yet again.  So remember friends, if you’re planning on making a visit, do it on a friday, you may get some free barbecue…

The Grill

Larry, Sydney & Estella on the grill working some magic.

Fresh Fish

Wonderfully marinated fresh fish, If only you could smell a picture...

Fresh Ceviche

The amazing fresh shrimp ceviche and accompanied sides.

diggin in

Everyone tackling the table to get some grub.

Table time

Some of our front office familiars getting their turn.

Goofin around

Watch your hands, we know karate and we will defend our plates accordingly.

Smiles all around

A good meal and some warm rays, Becky's bliss.


Danny couldn't help but pull himself away from a busy Friday to grab a bite.

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