Sportex Barbecue

Last Friday we all got together for lunch and had a nice Barbecue out in the warm sun to kick off the beginning of Spring here in Arizona. The wonderful aroma was carried around the city block as smoke filled the air, and soon we were joined by a few Deliver Drivers that couldn’t resist. We ate some burgers, had some drinks, a few laughs & got back to doing what we do best. A full belly makes for a happy employee. Here are some of the pictures, we hope everyone who came out enjoyed it and we look forward to doing more in the future.

Burgers for Everyone

Andy & Larry handing out fresh grilled hamburgers.

Stack Em Up

Dany, Cecilia & Aydelin fixin up their burgers at the extras table.

Larry at the helm

Larry at the Grill firin up some burgers & beans.

Adding the Extras

Erin, Heather, Aydelin, Jessi & Susan customizing their burgers.

The Crowd

Everyone enjoying a free meal on a warm day.

A table Full

A thumbs up and alot of happy faces.

Pose for a picture

Friends and family posing for a picture in the shade.

The ladies table

Its always an adventure at the ladies table... believe me.

A few straglers

The only time our Artists and Delivery Drivers agree on something.

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