Sportex 2012 Product Demo Meeting

Sportex had one of our awesome vendors come down and pack up the show room in order to show off a few new products that we look forward to bringing on board.  Part of our guarantee to offer the latest & greatest in 2012 to you, our value customers and friends.  Of course we all indulged in some coffee and treats during the product introductions and showcase.  There are some exciting products to look out for, including items from our heavy hitters like Nike & Ogio.  Check out the pictures, we all enjoy these meetings and the chance to get excited over the great new products that we get to offer everyone.  As always quality is key.

New Button Up

Heather and Becky helping out Susan with a new button up.

Ogio Ladies Moxie Jacket

New Ogio Moxie Jacket for ladies ( Maxx version for men ), very stylish and comfortable.

New Items Reviews

Several of Sportex's own trying out and testing the new products.

Coffee & Treats

A big thanks for bringing in the coffee & treats


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    What a great blog

    1. Rick says:

      Thank you Maria, much appreciated.

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